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***No dogs bred or sold for illegal reasons***
**No dogs used for illegal reasons**

To White Crane Kennels,
home of some of the best Redboy, Jocko, Eli, Boudreaux, Six Bits, Bullyson,
Bolio, Tombstone, Patrick, and Boyles American Pitbull Terriers in the WORLD!

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Here at White Crane Kennels we believe in quality over quantity; we do not believe in mass producing/ selling these dogs. We take our time with everything we do concerning our breeding program and we do not sell dogs often.

With that being said, our blood that we stand by is a cross of Eli/ Redboy/ Outlaw, sometimes with a touch of Patrick (Bolio - Tombstone). We hunt with this cross as it has been very consistent for us, but we also have these families pure (check out WCK's Fatso and JMK's Rabbit Ears)


White Crane's Fatso For Stud
to approved bitches for private treaty. Test yielding negative Brucellosis is required.

  • I am a big fan of Eli dogs. White Crane' s "Fatso" is an excellent example of a true bulldog; he has shown both wind, strength and tenacity. A true game tested bulldog.


'Boudreaux' Eli was a product of inbreeding on Boudreaux' old Blind Billy dog (Dibo X Minnie) with some Trahanšs Rascal (Dibo's half brother) blood thrown in, both good Tudor/Corvino bred dogs.'
'Eli was without question one of the most famous of modern dogs from the 60's era. He and his sons Eli Jr. (sire of Gr. Ch. Art.-grandsire of Chinaman, Stompanato, Crenshaw's Ch. Rascal, and etc.) and Bullyson (sire of Ch. Honeybunch, Midnight Cowboy, Chivo, Loposay's Buster ROM, and etc.) were used to create lines of their own and those in turn have spawned even more good lines of bulldogs.'

Family bred Eli dogs, a combination of different Eli lines, when bred right throw very consistent dogs; very sound, stable attitudes and very athletic bulldogs. This is one small part of what we do here at WCK.

There are many families of this fine breed, all with their strengths and weaknesses, but all must admit that there is just something special about them Redboy dogs!